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About Children for Children

Children for Children™ (CFC), a New York not-for-profit founded by parents to foster community involvement and social responsibility in young people, offers youth service and philanthropy programs—including CFC's Celebrations Program, Children's Action Board, Book Programs, Special Events and Projects, Do Your Own Thing and Kids for Community database of NYC youth volunteer opportunities —that create opportunities for kids to engage hands on in volunteering and giving from an early age.

Many CFC programs generate valuable resources for schools and teachers struggling to offer quality education to New York City's underserved communities, since even the very young can g.html and empathize with what it must be like to try to learn without enough resources such as books, markers, microscopes, music and gym equipment. CFC programs invite you to explore a wide range of needs and learn how even the smallest individual acts can make a huge difference.

CFC’s programs are easy to use and accommodate a wide range of ages, abilities, interests and busy schedules—just right for kids, families, schools, educators and even other community youth organizations.



Children for Children promotes hands-on youth volunteering and giving programs which teach and instill the value of community involvement and civic engagement in children from all backgrounds beginning at a young age, with an emphasis on providing resources to underserved schools.



Children for Children Foundation was founded in 1996 by parents concerned that many New York City children were growing up without meaningful, accessible opportunities to become engaged in their greater community from an early age despite the powerful individual and societal benefits afforded by youth service. The first program, CFC’s Birthday Party Program, focused on birthdays and established a simple way to make helping other children a part of that annual event. Almost universally celebrated, birthdays offer an ideal opportunity to establish a pattern of giving from an early age.  100% of Birthday Party contributions received by CFC translate into tangible resource grants benefiting students struggling to learn in underserved New York City schools.

A key reason to focus on helping education was that all children share this common experience.  Even the very young can g.html and empathize with what it must be like to try to learn without enough resources.

Since that first program, Children for Children programming has evolved into a series of youth service and philanthropy programs encouraging young people to "Grow Involved!", many of which continue to enable CFC to direct resources to under-resourced schools and teachers, while others invite youth and families to explore other areas of need.

CFC engages New York City children and families across the socio-economic spectrum in thousands of hands on volunteer hours. Through Children for Children, as of March 2004, contributors had given over $920,000 for resource grants throughout the City’s five boroughs, in addition to helping place approximately half a million new and gently used books. We estimate that well over 120,000 students have benefited from these gifts.


Who Benefits From US?

Everyone benefits from Children for Children programs—the young people who volunteer, their families and schools, as well as NYC schools, students and teachers who gain additional resources.

Children for Children promotes a full-giving cycle:

  • Young people and families gain the benefits of helping others through participating in CFC programs and events, many of which generate educational resources—books and funds to purchase computers, art supplies, math materials, musical instruments and instruction, science equipment, gym equipment, and school improvements with murals, garden projects, etc.
  • CFC distributes resources to selected schools and teachers serving some of the city’s most severely under-resourced communities
  • CFC takes an extra step to engage children of recipient schools in their own communities through youth service
  • CFC also introduces youth and families to many other areas of need and how the smallest acts can make a tremendous difference

Youth service offers powerful lifelong benefits.  Participants learn responsibility, leadership, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.  They experience greater self-respect, character development and self-discipline, increased motivation and engagement in studies, more tolerance and a broader perspective, and possibly improved academic performance.  (See for studies supporting these findings.)



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“My goodness, I'm speechless right now. I'm sitting in the Teacher's workroom at IS 218 writing this message, and all I want to do is run around the halls like it's Christmas day, telling everyone what a wonderful, generous, beneficent organization Children for Children truly is. Thank you so much.”

Christian Clarke, 8th Grade, IS 218 Brooklyn

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“I was thrilled to find out that my daughter could be involved more directly in some 'help someone' activities with CFC.”

Elizabeth Frenchman, Parent