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School Annual Fund Grants

Process | Selection Criteria | Nominate | Limitations

Each year, Children for Children seeks out schools attempting to provide quality education to New York City's underserved communities, despite the need for critical resources. CFC then researches and visits these schools, evaluating their staff, programs, performance and available resources. CFC meets dedicated principals and teachers who are working to educate and instill values in NYC children without adequate educational resources.

Nominations and Grant Process

CFC accepts unsolicited nominations from schools, as well as recommendations from third parties. If CFC's general grant criteria are met and CFC determines that a school is a potential recipient of an Annual Fund grant, a visit to the school is arranged. At the visit, CFC discusses school needs, presents the school with an application, as well as other resources that may be of assistance. In the past, grants have ranged from $5,000 to $28,000 to provide materials such as musical instruments, microscopes, libraries and much more. Schools must then submit a written application by January 15 to be considered.

CFC's Board selects grant schools in the first quarter of the year from a nominated slate of schools that meet CFC's selection criteria. Schools are then notified of their selection, and CFC works with each school to maximize the value of their grant.


Selection Criteria

CFC is looking for schools that satisfy the following criteria:

  • The school must be a New York City public, independent or parochial school, have the mission and vision to provide quality education, well-defined goals to achieve that end, and be working to achieve those goals.
  • The school must serve a community and/or student population suffering from lack of financial and/or other resources (typically 90% or more free lunch). Often these are marginal and at risk environments with tremendous problems, such as illiteracy, drug abuse, broken homes, violence and crime.
  • The principal/director and staff should be dynamic, focused, enthusiastic, caring, committed, have a strong rapport with—and the respect of—their students, have high expectations about what can be accomplished, not be afraid to try new and different approaches and participate in day-to-day school activities. The caliber of a school's leadership is paramount to what the school can become.
  • A well-run school with strong leadership is generally reflected in orderly, relatively quiet halls and classes in which real teaching is being done and students are participating. Steadily improving performance scores are also indicative that good things are happening, although this is not a rigid requirement. Success for some struggling schools faced with large student turnover, large Limited English Proficient populations, overcrowding and limited resources may be measured by a different, somewhat more relaxed, standard if there is a great deal of energy and determination evident from the principal and staff.
  • Also important is evidence that resources of the school are being well-used. Idle computers and labs do not offer strong support for a request for more computers.
  • There is a strong preference for grants for resources that children can relate to, rather than sums of money, and also for grants that allow CFC's funds to go as far as they can go (e.g., through matching programs with other institutions), reaching as many students as possible in a meaningful way and/or the establishment of on-going relationships.
  • There must be evidence that the school has genuine need relative to other schools, and the school must request a grant from CFC that would address its particular need in a substantial and meaningful way.

To Nominate a School

Use the Nomination Form to nominate a deserving school. All nominees must submit a completed application form to be considered for a grant. If you are interested in an Annual Fund grant, call (212) 708-0200 or email us at

Grant Limitations

Grants must be used as they have been represented to CFC. Grantee schools must provide follow-up reports to CFC in the form requested by CFC. Schools awarded Annual Fund grants are encouraged and expected to give back to the community by engaging in a community service project within one year of being awarded a grant. Projects which benefit students and other children in the community fulfill CFC's mission of building a sense of community and social responsibility through volunteerism and giving.

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"Your gift of computers will aid our mission to provide academic and technological experience that will usher our children into the twenty-first century!"

The Reverend Charles Eastman, founder of the Mount Pleasant Christian Academy, Upper West Side of Manhattan and Harlem

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"The new keyboard is great. Now we can play all kinds of jazz and our band loves jazz. That was really nice of the Children for Children Foundation. We should give something back!"

Nine-year-old Anikka of the Family Academy in Harlem