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Teachers' Aid Program (TAP)

About | Limitations | Selection Criteria

About TAP

CFC's Teachers' Aid Program (TAP) recognizes outstanding and extraordinarily dedicated teachers serving severely under-resourced communities by awarding them resource grants typically ranging from a few hundred dollars up to $1,500. Many New York City educators, aware of the deficiencies in the educational environment faced by their students, go far beyond fulfilling their basic job description and often provide needed resources out of their own pockets. Educators like these are invited to apply for a TAP grant to assist them in their efforts. Teachers may also apply for TAP grants to fund classroom service projects. Grants are generally limited to a maximum of one per school per school year. The TAP grants can be awarded within days of receipt of an application. There is no deadline, so apply anytime.

Teachers must meet grant criteria and submit a completed application. Applications will then be evaluated and awarded by CFC staff.

Use the TAP Application Form to apply. All teachers must submit a completed application form to be considered for a grant. If you are interested in an Annual Fund Grant for your school, please check to see if you meet our criteria.   


Grant Limitations

Grants must be used as they have been represented to CFC. Teachers must provide follow-up reports to CFC in the form requested by CFC. Teachers awarded TAP Grants are encouraged to give back to the community by engaging their students in a community service project within one year of being awarded a grant. Projects that benefit students and other children in the community fulfill CFC's mission of building a sense of community and social responsibility through volunteering and giving.


Selection Criteria

  • The teacher must be certified at a NYC school that has significant resource needs.
  • The proposed project or purpose will have an important and lasting impact on a significant number of students.
  • The proposed grant will benefit disadvantaged students at a school that is struggling to educate students despite a critical lack of resources (i.e. typically 90% or more of the student body qualifies for the federal free lunch program).
  • The teacher must exhibit extraordinary dedication to his/her students.

Examples of how TAP grantees may have shown their extraordinary dedication include:

  • Purchasing large amounts of materials out of their own pockets in order to ensure that their students have learning materials that cannot be covered out of the classroom budget.
  • Making themselves available to students during hours and/or days far exceeding their job descriptions.
  • Going to great effort to bring in enrichment programs, provide field trips, or develop opportunities for their students.
  • Creating or running special programs in the school that significantly enhance and broaden students' learning opportunities.
  • As with our annual fund grants, rather than offering cash grants, we encourage applicants to request grants in support of in-kind gifts of items that will make a real difference in students' education.

CFC launched and sustains TAP through a generous grant from The Heckscher Foundation for Children and The Perkin Fund.

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"The new keyboard is great. Now we can play all kinds of jazz and our band loves jazz. That was really nice of the Children for Children Foundation. We should give something back!"

Nine-year-old Anikka of the Family Academy in Harlem