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Sweat for Nets
Getting Active in the Fight Against Malaria

Sweat for Nets Service-Learning Program | One Day Program | Sports Team Sponsorship Program | Do Your Own Thing Program | Combination Program | Lesson Plans | Sweat for Nets Tools for Schools and Youth Groups

About Sweat for Nets:

Every thirty seconds a child dies of malaria, and worldwide, more children die as a result of malaria than any other disease. Attempts to control malaria have been made increasingly difficult as the disease’s resistance to existing drugs has grown. Yet, for only a few dollars, an insecticide treated bed net can help keep out the carriers that are killing so many innocent and vulnerable children. 

In response to this worldwide pandemic, Children for Children™ (CFC) has developed Sweat for Nets™, a web-based and community-centered service-learning and fundraising program to involve school-aged children in an awareness network that enables them to learn and teach others about the urgency of the global fight against malaria. Through Sweat for Nets, children learn the importance of insecticide treated bed nets in preventing the spread of malaria, and methods of raising funds to purchase these nets for their at-risk peers around the world.

You Can Make a Difference!

It is estimated that the widespread distribution of this simple mosquito control could help save the lives of nearly 500,000 children a year in Africa alone. Everyone can help in this effort, including children. There are over ten million school-aged children in the United States.  If these children were to join Sweat for Nets and create a push to educate the public about the urgent need for insecticide treated bed nets to protect the more than 100 million children exposed to malaria each year, significant strides would be made to combat this deadly disease.

The goal of Sweat for Nets is to motivate young people around the world to address the issue of malaria head-on through education and action. Sweat for Nets is a service-learning program that helps benfit both the recipients of the nets overseas as well as the young people who participate in the activities here at home.

Every child can understand the need to protect themselves from harm in a simple way such as an insect net. Children who grow up with access to bug spray and sunscreen can understand how all children, including those growing up in other parts of the world, need protection from harmful elements. By helping protect other children from the threat of malaria, the children out of harms way are empowered at an early age to take a global perspective and look at the world as their community at large. As children reach out to others in the face of this deadly disease, they not only fight malaria, but become global citizens, responding to the needs of people from all nations and backgrounds.  

CFC and the CDC Foundation

Children for Children is proud to be partnering with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Foundation on the Sweat for Nets Program, to engage young people from all across America (and beyond) to get active in the fight against malaria. Through this partnership, Sweat for Nets program participants will be connected to a worldwide network of health professionals and experts who are working hard to fight to save lives and prevent suffering from this terrible disease.

100% of donations submitted to Sweat for Nets will be used by the CDC Foundation to purchase insecticide-treated bed nets and deliver them to CDC-affiliated programs in Africa.

One such program is a Rotary International Safe Water Project in Nyanza Province, Kenya. CDC experts are working with the project's leaders to provide safe drinking water and other services to women widowed by AIDS who, in addition to their own children, typically care for AIDS orphans.

Project leaders rely on donations to purchase insecticide-treated bed nets to distribute to these women to help them protect the children in their care from malaria and other diseases carried by insects.

Program leaders can purchase bed nets for as little as $2.50 each and each bed net will protect up to three children.

Sweat for Nets Programs:

Sweat for Nets Service-Learning Program
Children for Children’s Sweat for Nets lesson plans are designed to help teachers and service-learning coordinators incorporate youth service into their schools and communities. Focused on malaria and the significance of this issue as a global pandemic, the lesson plans feature materials for student-led service projects, as well as additional resources to encourage continued dedication to giving and volunteering. Children for Children hopes the Sweat for Nets lesson plans will enable teachers to integrate service-learning into their curricula and encourage their students to Get Active in the Fight Against Malaria.

At the end of each Sweat for Nets lesson plan, teachers and students are encouraged to work together to brainstorm ways to teach others about malaria and to develop Sweat for Nets fundraising activities at school or in their community to help purchase insecticide-treated bed nets.


Sweat for Nets Service-Learning Lesson Plans:
Grades K-2 | 6-8 | 9-12

Service-learning offers powerful lifelong benefits. Participants learn responsibility, leadership, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. They experience greater self-respect, character development and self-discipline, increased motivation and engagement in studies, more tolerance and a broader perspective, and possibly improved academic performance.



One Day Program
One-Day Sweat for Nets events consist of various community service projects and other fundraising activities with the goal of raising money to purchase insecticide-treated bed nets. Sponsors will support participants by pledging a certain amount of money for the accomplishments made during the event. All participants in the event will be registered with Children for Children, and the date of the program will be submitted to CFC in order to facilitate the calculation of the final fundraising effort and to allow Children for Children to provide possible program support and program feedback. Prior to the event or activity, teachers, coaches and student leaders will hand out sponsor sheets to participants with detailed instructions on fundraising.  Throughout the weeks that follow, teachers will be encouraged to update their progress and share their experiences with Children for Children. 


Sports Team Sponsorship Program
Schools that want to conduct the Sweat for Nets program throughout the year may select a variety of interested sports teams (basketball, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, etc.) to participate.  At the beginning of the season, a coach, athletic director or another point person will sign up and register with Children for Children. Prior to the beginning of the athletic season or the designated games, the point person will provide the athletes with sponsor sheets and detailed instructions on fundraising.  During the duration of the program, the team will keep track of the number of baskets/goals/points scored, and att the end of the season, they will have calculated the amount of money raised by the team and the total number of bed nets purchased.


Do Your Own Thing Program
The Do Your Own Thing program is designed to allow students who do not play sports to participate in the Sweat for Nets program by creating their own fundraising project.  Any group or individual may sign up with Children for Children and submit a description of their event or fundraiser.  CFC will provide a sample “how to” list of possible activities such as bake sales, lemonade stands, community/ park clean-ups, etc. A point person for each group will be responsible for registering and organizing the event and activity, handing out the sponsor sheets, collecting all donations from the participants, and submitting the money to the CDC Foundation online or through the mail using the Sweat for Nets online donation form.


Combination Program
Groups may also create a Sweat for Nets activity that combines a number of the fundraising strategies described above.  In this case, a variety of activities might take place within the selected fundraising time frame, including a sports team program and a Do Your Own Thing activity, such as a bake sale, a clean-up campaign or a day long event.  Furthermore, a Sweat for Nets group may also do numerous monthly fundraising cycles throughout the calendar year.


Submitting Your Donations
The Sweat for Nets organizer or point person should collect all donations and pledge money from the participating students and then submit one payment to the CDC Foundation (as opposed to each participating student submitting a payment). If your Sweat for Nets activities take place over an extended period, the organizer or point person  may submit multiple, periodic payments to the CDC Foundation.  

Credit card payments may be submitted securely using the Sweat for Nets online donation form. »Click Here to submit your donations.

Checks and money orders should be submitted by mail using the form provided. If a cash payment is your only option, please send cash via registered mail only.  


About Receipts and Acknowledgements
The CDC Foundation can only issue receipts to the individual or organization listed on the check or credit card. If a member of your community wishes to make a significant donation to the program and wishes to receive a receipt for their donation for tax purposes, please ask that individual to make a gift directly to the CDC Foundation using the online giving form or the provided mail-in form. This will ensure that he receives a receipt for his gift. You can ask the individual to include the name of your school or organization in the "Sweat for Nets Activites" section of the form so that her gift will be affiliated with your organization.   If you would like the CDC Foundation to provide a personalized card acknowledging each student's contribution, please attach a list of student names on a separate sheet and enclose with your contribution (or if submitting your payment online, e-mail the list including the name or your school or organization to The CDC Foundation will send the cards as a packet addressed to the billing address you provided with your payment.  



By supporting CFC’s Sweat for Nets campaign, young people are not only helping fight this global disease – they are also empowering themselves to take action in the face of crisis and become vehicles of change and globally minded individuals.  We believe that Sweat for Nets will generate thousands of youth volunteer hours and allow children, schools and families across the socioeconomic spectrum to experience the sense of empowerment and joy of helping others.

For more information on Sweat for Nets and Children for Children, please contact Erik at erik@childrenforchildren or call CFC at 212.708.0200.



Sweat for Nets Tools
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SFN Organizing Guide

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SFN Registration Form
SFN Sponsor Sheets
SFN Sports Team Sponsorship Tracking Form
SFN Budgeting Page
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Malaria: By the Numbers

• 300-500 million cases of malaria occur each year

• More than 1 million people die of malaria each year

• Malaria occurs in over 100 countries and territories

• More than 40 percent of the world's population is at risk

• 90 percent of deaths due to malaria occur in sub-Saharan Africa

• About 1,300 cases of malaria are diagnosed in the U.S. each year

» Learn more about malaria and insecticide treated bed nets from the CDC Foundation and the CDC.

Children for Children is a member of the Malaria No More Network and part of the Veto the 'Squito Youth Campaign.

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Veto the 'Squito

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