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Children for Children’s (CFC) youth service and philanthropy programs include: Celebrations Program, Children's Action Board, Book Programs, Special Events and Projects, Do Your Own Thing. And CFC’s Kids for Community database of NYC youth volunteer opportunities opens up even more opportunities to Grow Involved.

CFC’s Programs –

  • Help young people learn to volunteer and give from an early age
  • Generate valuable resources for schools and teachers in underserved New York City communities, or otherwise engage youth and families in helping their broader community
  • Provide easy access to meaningful service opportunities that accommodate a wide range of ages, abilities, interests and busy schedules
  • Reach out to kids, families, schools, educators and other community youth organizations
  • Are usually available without charge

CFC participants contribute thousands of volunteer hours by gathering books to benefit schools, painting murals, planting gardens, setting up lemonade stands and bake sales and other projects.  Children also use their birthday celebrations and other milestone events as an opportunity to help raise much-needed funds.  Through their efforts, underserved schools benefit from new science, computer and math supplies, books, musical instruments, art materials and other greatly appreciated educational resources.

CFC seeks out recipient schools in which typically 90% or more of the school population qualifies for the federal free lunch program.  Students at these schools are eager to learn, and their dedicated principals and teachers are finding ways to motivate them and instill values.  Grant recipient schools are encouraged to continue the giving cycle by participating in CFC service projects, or create their own, to help their students Grow Involved.

CFC’s larger fall, winter and spring Special Events introduce participants to explore a variety of areas of need from the elderly to the environment and to learn how even the smallest individual acts can make a huge difference.


Kids for Community

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"It was a lot of fun to bake cookies and brownies. I worked with my friend Catherine. We sold the cookies to help the children in a school. I like to help other children, because it makes me feel good."

Oliver, P.S. 86