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Recommended Books and Materials

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CFC has identified some books and materials about or relating to service and giving, and the values they promote that may be of interest to kids, parents and educators. These are completely subjective suggestions. For your convenience, CFC has linked these suggestions through to for ease of purchase. A portion of any sales proceeds will go to CFC.

These links will send you to an outside site. By following any of these links, you agree that Children for Children has no control over the outside site. Children for Children is not liable for any content, products or services on such site, or for any harm caused after leaving this Children for Children website, including but not limited to any harm caused by your use of such site.

We are always interested in finding out about other helpful resources. If you have any additional suggestions or comments, please fill out and submit the Interest and Feedback Form for us.


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"At my party, I asked all my friends and family to bring books, and we gave them all to CFC to help a school that needed books."

David, age 9