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Service Learning Resources

Lesson Plans | Tools, Guides, and Research | Service-Learning FAQs

"Service learning" is a teaching method that combines community service with classroom instruction. It differs from traditional volunteerism in that it includes a reflection element, such as discussion or journal writing, as well as an organized curriculum. For a more detailed explanation, read about the National and Community Service Act of 1990 here.

Recent research indicates that service-learning participants experience many benefits, including:

  • Increases in personal and social responsibility
  • Reduction in "at risk" behavior
  • Improvement in academic performance and problem-solving skills

    To read more about Service-Learning, follow these links to additional information.

    Lesson Plans
    Find service-learning lesson plans for your class, by subject area and grade level. Teachers working with CFC's "Grow Involved Classroom Kit" can find useful extension lessons here, as well.

    Tools, Guides, & Research
    Tips and ideas to help develop and understand service-learning projects.

    Answers to common questions about service learning, adapted from Learning In Deed.


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